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Ethical investments for a sustainable future

Ethical investing, also referred to as sustainable or responsible investing is a strategy where an investor chooses investments based on a personal ethical code.

Ethical investing strives to support industries making a positive impact, such as sustainable energy, and create an investment return. With an increase in ESG funds, there are more ethical investments than ever.

A study commissioned by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) reported that nearly 70% of Aussies see environmental issues (including environmental degradation, pesticides, fossil fuels and others), as the most important theme overall to avoid. Other areas of concern include animal cruelty (60%), along with tobacco (54%), human rights abuses (51%), weapons and firearms (54%) and gambling (50%).

We can assist in unlocking the power of your money to create a sustainable, equitable future. We help you to create a low-carbon future by investing in companies that are part of the solution and avoiding those that aren’t, ensure each investment contributes to a better future for people, planet and animals.

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The first step is our Initial meeting, where we ask a lot of questions, and identify where we may be able to add value to your situation. If we all agree that we can help, and you want to progress to the next stage, we would detail a fixed fee for our initial advice, and any structural changes we would propose.

What happens at a first meeting?

The purpose of the first meeting is for you to outline what type of advice you are looking for and what assistance you need so we can establish if and how we may be of assistance.

Some examples of work we carry out:

• Preparation of comprehensive financial plans and investment strategies
• Planning for clients in the years leading up to retirement
• Review of current superannuation and insurance arrangements

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