We’re here to help you, whether you are a Current Servicing Member, Transitioning to Civilian Life or a Veteran

No matter what your stage in life, we can help you navigate the prevailing economic & financial waters – to give you confidence and peace-of-mind in your financial future.

Defence Force Transition Assistance Services

Transitioning from Defence can be stressful - It means a lot of change in your everyday life and some of the changes you will experience have financial implications. Our job is to assist you to make a successful transition that is as stress-free as possible, while making sure that you and your family are protected.

Transition Support

We are able to help you review how your current range of benefits will change once you transfer to civilian employment. The benefits to review include, steady income, superannuation entitlements, medical & dental, housing, education & training and Insurances (personal cover and compensation).

Retirement Planning

We are able to assist you to understand your current ADF Superannuation and to help you understand your post ADF Superannuation choices.

Civillian Living

We are able to assist you with setting financial goals and budgeting, savings & investments, how to manage you debts and taxation of civilian employment. We also are able to refer you to trusted professionals that can assist you with your Wills and Powers of Attorney to make sure all your wishes will be respected in the event of something happening to you.

Your Fresh Start is a member of the ADF Financial Advice Referral Program.

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The first step is our Initial meeting, where we ask a lot of questions, and identify where we may be able to add value to your situation. If we all agree that we can help, and you want to progress to the next stage, we would detail a fixed fee for our initial advice, and any structural changes we would propose.

What happens at a first meeting?

The purpose of the first meeting is for you to outline what type of advice you are looking for and what assistance you need so we can establish if and how we may be of assistance.

Some examples of work we carry out:

• Preparation of comprehensive financial plans and investment strategies
• Planning for clients in the years leading up to retirement
• Review of current superannuation and insurance arrangements

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